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Why Invest?

At UC Santa Barbara, we are a community that has joined together to transform the world. What makes us worthy of your support? We invite you to explore these seven reasons.

We are

At UC Santa Barbara, undergraduates are expanding their outlooks and developing sophisticated perspectives through critical thinking. More than half of graduating seniors collaborate with faculty members on original research or creative projects, illustrating their keen interest in global issues. It takes robust private philanthropy to ensure we draw and support the finest students from around the world.
UC Santa Barbara purposefully developed specific strengths in order to distinguish itself from other universities. Without the rigid structures of schools and outdated curriculum, we are able to offer a truly innovative and interdisciplinary educational experience. This requires visionary supporters who believe in creative initiatives and projects that will impact the world at large.
Challenging Assumptions
Our university approaches learning through a unique lens, integrating diverse disciplines and fields in order to encourage and develop new knowledge. Perhaps it is not the way things have always been done, but we believe in the value of challenging paradigms. This true mark of leadership drives us to invest in leaders and address modern challenges head-on.
UC Santa Barbara is developing new instructional and research technologies, and creating spaces across campus which facilitate dynamic learning and teaching. Significant resources are required to modernize our campus to fit the needs of our 21st century students and faculty for maximum results.
UC Santa Barbara understands the value of diversified revenue streams and we vigorously pursue research grants and philanthropic support to offset the costs of running a top-tier public university. Even with our resourcefulness, we cannot compromise the quality of our education and research; we need the support of our community to succeed.
Recognized Globally
We understand the importance of teamwork to develop great leaders and cannot deny our highly competitive nature. UC Santa Barbara recruits top faculty, fellows, and students to produce a formidable institution—one that boasts 6 Nobel Laureates, and rankings such as the #5 best college among all public universities (U.S. News and World Report) and the #3 Top Green School in the nation. We need sustained support to keep us at the forefront of education and research.
Leaders, not followers
UC Santa Barbara consistently develops larger visions and takes on more responsibility following our accomplishments. As a mature university, we hold a position on the global stage and it is a status we intend to maintain and grow. We rely on visionary investors who recognize the unique characteristics of our university and the thriving opportunities for our students and faculty.