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German school building.

To Germany and Back Again

Studying abroad becomes more accessible, thanks to Jim Maloney ’84

Jim Maloney ’84 traveled to Germany this summer with his husband, Andrew, for a special reunion: the 40th anniversary of his study abroad experience. Thirteen of his classmates gathered in Göttingen to celebrate the milestone. Inspired by that junior year abroad, Jim became a strong advocate for the UC Santa Barbara Education Abroad Program (EAP). He has named UCSB EAP as a beneficiary in his estate plan to continue helping students have that same transformative experience.

UCSB EAP, now celebrating its 60th year, has sent over 20,000 students to study in countries around the world. With the highest EAP enrollment across all UC campuses, UC Santa Barbara provides a robust program that partners with universities worldwide to make studying abroad accessible to all students. As a student interested in a Foreign Service career, Jim found his savings $1,500 short for his trip to Germany. His great-aunt, a former schoolteacher and Indiana state legislator, loaned him the money. Jim repaid that loan and then found a way to pay it forward. Fifteen years ago, he established the first named UCSB EAP scholarship.


“At first, I gave a scholarship of $1,500 because that was the amount that I needed to study abroad. I’ve been giving more every year since in both my and my husband’s names. It’s incredibly meaningful to me,” said Jim.

Jim had always wanted to travel for work.

He achieved his wish through his 30-year career in international transportation, first for a shipping line, then an airline, and finally for the Port of San Francisco.

Dylan Gardner ’25 had also envisioned an international future for himself. One of six children, most of whom were also in college, he worked two jobs to ease the burden on his parents. Dylan dedicated his time to studying German language, culture and history.

“I became so set in my desire to study abroad that it seemed definite. That is, until I remembered that in all my preparation, none of it could allow me to study abroad if I didn’t have the funds,” said Dylan. “My dream of studying abroad that had felt so close was now further away than ever… until I got the scholarship email.”

Thanks to the Jim A. Maloney & Andrew Nance Scholarship, Dylan will be studying abroad for a year at Freie Universität Berlin in Germany.

“I truly am so grateful, and I am inspired to hopefully show the same generosity to someone else in time,” said Dylan.


Jim is now chair of the UC Santa Barbara EAP Ambassadors Group, on which he has served since 2012. Ambassadors share their collective expertise, personal and professional networks, and philanthropic support to help students study abroad.

“In the long run, I became an ambassador after all! I didn’t realize it would be through UC Santa Barbara rather than the Foreign Service,” Jim joked.

EAP students keep their experiences with them for life, returning home with broader perspectives and an enhanced ability to connect. Now in his retirement, Jim facilitates restorative justice work with inmates at San Quentin State Prison, where he helps coach the 1,000 Mile Running Club.

“Studying abroad made me comfortable in unusual settings with new people,” Jim said. “The ability to remain open in new situations is rooted in my study abroad experience. I’ve taken this confidence to many places.”