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Finding a Career

Yardi Systems empowers aspiring computer scientists

As founder and president of Yardi Systems, Anant Yardi’s vision is the driving force behind the development of effective and innovative property and asset management software solutions. Anant received a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from UC Berkeley. This formative experience with the UC system taught him the value of an accessible public education and helped inspire Yardi Systems to establish the Yardi Systems Computer Science Scholarship within UC Santa Barbara’s Department of Computer Science. Over the next ten years, the fund will provide need-based scholarships for four in-state undergraduates per year.

“Yardi Systems’ relationship with UC Santa Barbara goes back over 20 years, and this scholarship furthers that tradition,” said Anant. “The Yardi Systems Computer Science Scholarship will provide students with funding to pursue their undergraduate degree.”

The scholarship is unique in its flexibility. Recognizing that first-year students are at the beginning of their academic careers, the funding can follow the student to any bachelor’s degree in the College of Engineering. This allows students the freedom to pursue their intellectual curiosity without losing financial support.

“We feel strongly that finances should not prevent students from pursuing a world class computer science education at UC Santa Barbara,” said Anant. “We especially wanted to recognize the drive and commitment of transfer students from California’s junior college system, who we hope will benefit through this scholarship.”