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Pelicans soaring above coal oil point.


The tempo of life on campus is swift. Alongside friends and absorbed in our passions, the day flies by. We take a deep breath by the ocean before diving in again tomorrow.

Our ambition is to leave the world better than we found it. Our community aids this endeavor by supporting our scholars, the spaces they work in, and the goals they pursue. Each gift to campus is a driving force.

Philanthropy creates a momentum that leads to excellence. With the generosity of alumni, friends, families, faculty, and staff, UC Santa Barbara moves onward and upward.

In Gratitude

We hope you enjoy these stories of achievement in UC Santa Barbara’s Annual Reports. To all those who help UC Santa Barbara students, faculty, research, and staff pursue excellence: thank you! Donor support advances our world-class faculty, pioneering research, and academic scholarship in a richly collaborative environment. This partnership helps UC Santa Barbara continues to earn its ranking as a top public university, propelling us ever forward in the quest for excellence.