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Henley Gate with the sun shining through it.

For the Public Good

UC Santa Barbara alumni, scholars and supporters share a sense of purpose: global leadership, especially in challenging times. UC Santa Barbara is dedicated to the mandate of public education, a universal good that forges a stronger society. It’s a social contract we’re proud to uphold with the vision and generosity of our community.

UC Santa Barbara unites independent thinkers for an interdependent world. Our scholars solve global challenges and make meaningful connections through collective intellect and imagination. With talent, hard work and support, Gauchos turn high ideals into impact-driven research and creative endeavors. UC Santa Barbara will always serve as a timeless institution, where scholars unite to share essential knowledge and education.

Thank you for helping us answer the call for the public good.

UC Santa Barbara supporters show us what shared purpose can accomplish. We hope you enjoy these stories of achievement in UC Santa Barbara’s Annual Report of Private Giving for fiscal year 2020. To all those who help UC Santa Barbara students, faculty and researchers fulfill the promise of education: thank you!