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UCSB Annual Fund

UC Santa Barbara’s Annual Fund is a collective powerhouse, comprised of donations from our alumni, friends and families who are passionate about making a difference. These annual unrestricted gifts sustain every part of the UCSB experience including students’ well-being, instruction, research and innovation. The Annual Fund also supports classrooms and labs, tutoring, the arts, and the breathtaking campus that we call home.

The beauty of the UCSB Annual Fund lies in its extraordinary flexibility: it enables us to address the most pressing needs of the university and seize new opportunities as they arise. Each year, the Annual Fund ensures that we fulfill our promise to provide the best educational experience as a public research institution.

Support the UCSB experience today.

Frequently Asked Questions

UCSB has the exclusive use of the the (805) 893 calling prefix. All Annual Fund phone calls will show up on your caller ID as (805) 893-4600.

In short, it's very secure! Credit card information is taken over the phone by a supervisor who has been fingerprinted and background checked. Information is entered over a secure connection and the Annual Fund has never once had a case of credit card theft.

The Annual Fund raises money for a variety of funds. If your goal is simply to support UC Santa Barbara then your gift will be designated to The UCSB Fund which supports the most immediate campus needs. If you have a specific area or passion that you would like to support you can do so over the phone, online or by mail.

The most likely reason is that we do not have your most up to date contact information. If you would like to update your information you can do so by contacting the Annual Fund by email at or by phone at (805) 893-8201.

If you would like us to stop calling you please pick up and let the student caller on the line know. You may also contact us at (805) 893-8201 and ask to have your number removed or mailing to cease. Please leave your name and the number/address that we are contacting as clear as possible on the voicemail if nobody picks up. You still have the option to give online.