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Happy National Philanthropy Day!

Endless possibilities begin with your generosity

Support for UC Santa Barbara comes in many forms. We share heartfelt thanks with our volunteers, advocates and donors who create opportunities for UC Santa Barbara scholars. As you celebrate the season of giving this year, we hope you take a moment to acknowledge all that you have achieved through your commitment.

On National Philanthropy Day, celebrate UC Santa Barbara by choosing the most iconic place on campus! Will it be your freshman year dorm, your best study spot, or your Isla Vista hangout? We invite you to #StepIntoUCSB and share where your favorite campus memories unfolded. It’s the Elite Eight – and only you can choose who makes it to the semifinals.

How do I play?

1.  It's the Elite 8! This means we are voting for 4 of the 8 choices. Click through all 4 head-to-head battles below.

2.  Type your name and email address and then click "submit votes" for your votes to be counted.

3.  Keep an eye out for next week – Round 4: The Semifinals!