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Thank you for helping Gauchos go beyond

Endless possibilities begin with your generosity

You came together on #GivingTuesday for a day of generosity that will continue the vital exchange of ideas and experiences across campus for generations. We are grateful for your support. If you plan to make a year-end gift to UC Santa Barbara, there is still time! You can help UC Santa Barbara leaders and scholars expand the limits of knowledge in 2020.

Give Now

Through the end of the year, we will continue to celebrate UC Santa Barbara’s most iconic places and experiences through #StepIntoUCSB. 



This fall, you decided which campus landmark represents UC Santa Barbara best in a head-to-head bracket. The field narrowed each week as you liked, shared, and voted your favorites into the final round: Storke Tower vs. Campus Point. We're excited to to reveal the 2019 #StepIntoUCSB winner...


Campus Point

Whether you walked the bluffs at sunrise, relaxed with friends on the sand or caught waves on a sunny day, you have happy memories of time spent at Campus Point, a UC Santa Barbara icon.

Thank you for reliving your memories by voting every step of the way! Surrounded by miles of ocean, UC Santa Barbara is a living and learning environment like no other.