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Rising to the challenge of COVID-19

While the world faces new challenges, UC Santa Barbara continues to provide a world-class education and pursue high-impact research. Campus COVID-19 efforts support students, accelerate research, and mitigate the impact of this public health crisis thanks to the generosity and advocacy of our community. UC Santa Barbara’s supportive culture and recognized excellence propel creative energy and community impact. As campus continues the important work of education and research during COVID-19, private support has been key to addressing emerging needs in a responsive and flexible manner.

Protecting Our Community

Together with our alumni and supporters, UC Santa Barbara protects our community and pursues solutions. Since April 2020, the #UCSBTogether campaign has generated critical assistance for students through scholarships, fellowships, internships, awards, and grants for new educational and emergency needs as well as technology and tutoring resources. Our students rely on UC Santa Barbara for far more than an education. #UCSBTogether continues to address housing and food security with housing vouchers, transitional housing and meal plan scholarships, counseling services and resources.

“I’m really grateful to have the support of UC Santa Barbara during these difficult times. It’s been so amazing to watch the people in our community come together and lift each other’s spirits. I have no doubt we’re going to come back bigger and better than ever.”
— Megan Lemmon ’21 · B.A., Communication

Adapting Instruction & Services

UC Santa Barbara faculty and staff have combined their collective talent and skills to provide students with a healthy and safe learning environment. Many are leaders in instructional technology, digital humanities and innovative pedagogy. Private support has enhanced the remote learning environment that delivers dynamic and rigorous content and provided departments with resources to continue adapting to the evolving needs of COVID-19.

Finding Solutions Together

Public research universities like UC Santa Barbara will light the way. UC Santa Barbara experts are studying coronavirus mutations, infection prevention, community mobilization, the impact on world economic markets, and the practice of digital education. Private support has supported the development of sophisticated and efficient COVID-19 diagnostic testing research and the enhancement of associated medical equipment. Our donors have invested financially in partnering with campus on several other COVID-19 science research from data analysis to virology to human behavior and the history of health. The campus is also engineering new devices and materials to enhance medical detection, analysis and elimination. COVID-19 testing, contact tracking, safety training, and protective gear and equipment make it possible for key researchers to continue their essential work on campus.

Thank You

In this time of distance, friends and alumni have helped students feel cared for and supported by their community through financial support, advocacy, community-building, and words of encouragement. The word cloud above combines hundreds of alumni messages to students as part of a #UCSBTogether movement. One of their most frequently shared words is “always.” Supporters have proven that the UC Santa Barbara community members are always there for each other. Thank you for your support!