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Students handing out sticker on Give Day.

UCSB First Student Philanthropy

Who We Are

Simply put, we are highly motivated and passionate students who love UCSB. AND we believe in giving back! We understand the impact that giving makes at UCSB and we want to pay it forward. UCSB grows great when we plant trees whose shade will be enjoyed by others. #GauchosGiveBack

UCSB First Logo

Our Mission

The UCSB First mission is to foster a campus-wide culture of philanthropy. Our goal is to raise awareness with UCSB students about the importance of private giving, which makes our outstanding educational experience possible. We strive to inspire students to get involved with philanthropy now because collectively, we can make a difference.

Senior Class Gift

Graduating seniors leave their legacy through the Senior Class Gift. This tradition of giving back demonstrates a commitment to ensure that future Gauchos will benefit from the same world-class educational experience. Learn more about the impact and history of the Senior Class Gift.