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Pathway to Progress

Pathway to Progress

UC Santa Barbara’s fundraising totals have multiplied over the years, pointing towards a philanthropic movement that is taking place at the university. We look to the people who were--and remain--at the heart of our pathway to progress: the committed volunteers who devoted countless hours to planning and executing fundraising activities; the philanthropists who believe in this university and have invested in its success; the faculty whose scholarship brings us notoriety; the staff whose commitment to UCSB is evidenced each day; the students whose ambition and intelligence makes for a dynamic experience; and the alumni who remain proud Gauchos, serving as lifelong advocates for this university.

Together, let’s celebrate and explore The Ways Philanthropy Transformed UCSB.

In early autumn, Convocation draws a new class of students onto the lawn overlooking UCSB’s lagoon. Students arrive not just for the degree, but to change the future for the better. Over the past decade, UCSB has received $100M in student support, which assists students on many fronts including studying abroad to expand their global perspectives.

For many students, starting college means moving into residence halls and sharing small spaces with strangers; it means learning to find new coffee shops, eateries and places to study on campus. Luckily, donor funding has helped to enhance the places where students live and learn by investing in Isla Vista, offering affordable programs, and inviting prominent, visiting lecturers to campus.

During their time at UCSB, students experience what it means to be a top Green School, participating in recycling programs and learning to navigate the campus by bike. Generous gifts have allowed students to seek solutions for a sustainable future by providing opportunities to conduct important research. Millions have been invested in teaching and research programs over the past decade.

New discoveries happen when students think creatively and solve problems through multidisciplinary lenses. This is often the case during students’ final years at UCSB--when they’re entrenched in their studies and forging important, intellectual partnerships. Philanthropy has helped fuel new discoveries by investing in collaborative initiatives.

Commencement represents students’ departures from UCSB and their launch into a world of possibilities. With 8 out of 10 alumni reporting job satisfaction in their full-time employment, we’re confident that UCSB’s Gauchos are going on to become some of the world’s top leaders and champions. In fact, alumni annual giving continues to increase, indicating an upward trend in alumni engagement and leadership.

For the people who have transformed UCSB through their generosity, we express a sincere “Thank you”. It is because of you that we have collectively made a difference.