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Gaucho Recipe

3 ways we’re cooking up tradition & innovation

Forget secret recipes; we’re spilling the beans! This Thanksgiving season, we’re revealing the 3 ingredients that make UC Santa Barbara so remarkably successful (and why you’ll return to this recipe over and over again)

Ingredient #1: People

We know that an extraordinary collective is made up of extraordinary individuals. Here’s a handful of people who have made a difference at UC Santa Barbara.

  • Students: Meet our recently-minted graduates from the Class of 2016. They’re bright, ambitious and ready to take on the world!
  • Faculty: Professors from the English and theater departments have become quite chummy. Through their new collaboration, the “Experiencing Shakespeare” course, literature and theater combine to offer an innovative experience for freshmen students.
  • Legends: Learn about Walter Kohn, UCSB’s late physicist and Nobel laureate. As a man who left behind an abundance of opportunities, Kohn is the legendary genius who helped shape the world-class, theoretical physics institute we have today.
  • Philanthropists: Meet Judith Stapelmann ’63 ’65, a longtime trustee and benefactor of UCSB. She’s a former biologist and nature lover who’s committed to protecting ranges and ranches.
Ingredient #2: Place

Gauchos draw inspiration from the sea and the sun. How could we not when our university is deemed one of the most beautiful campuses on the edge of the Pacific Ocean?

Oceans play a critical role at UCSB, and our research is often linked to efforts in environmental sustainability. In fact, our activism recently inspired the CEO of Salesforce, Marc Benioff, and his wife, Lynne Benioff, to make a major investment. Their $10 million gift establishes the Benioff Ocean Initiative, which aims to research ocean problems and use science to solve them. The Initiative will use crowdsourcing to collect ideas on ocean issues submitted from anyone, anywhere in the world.

Curious? Learn more about the Benioff Ocean Initiative.

UCSB Campus Point
Ingredient #3: Partnerships

We stretch across academic disciplines in order to achieve greater results. The outcome is integrated research and education that is attuned to the multidisciplinary nature of today’s world.

Take, for example, the TomKat UC Carbon Neutrality Project, which seeks to develop solutions to the challenges of climate change. It’s a UC-wide collaboration led by UC Santa Barbara’s Institute for Energy Efficiency in partnership with the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis. It’s one way partnerships are producing bold solutions.

Curious? Learn more about the UC Carbon Neutrality Project.

Chemistry Lab
The Gaucho Recipe
  1. People
  2. Place
  3. Partnerships
  1. Discover and support extraordinary individuals
  2. Pour them into a top public university, where the sea and sun offer true inspiration
  3. Blend ingredients together until a smooth, collaborative mixture forms
  4. Add a sprinkle of support from you

A big spoonful of thanks to our generous alumni, parents and friends — to anyone who's ever contributed and donated time to this extraordinary university.

Let us know what you're grateful for! #GauchosAreGrateful