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30 Reasons to Celebrate UCSB

There are millions of reasons to celebrate UCSB but since we're partial to lists, here are 30 of our favorite picks. Check back daily to see the next one!

  • #22We Celebrate our sense of adventure.Adventure: It's what we do best.
  • #21We Celebrate showing people the world. Read MoreBecause #wanderlust is a real thing.
  • #20We Celebrate being super green.If loving nature is wrong we don't want to be right.
  • #19We Celebrate raising future leaders. Read MoreBecause you are never to young to Ole.
  • #18We Celebrate Creativity. Read More50 years of unconventional and we are just getting started.
  • #17We Celebrate National Philanthropy Day. Read MoreBecause Gauchos see the field as just another place for victory.
  • #16We Celebrate teamwork on and off the field. Read MoreBecause Gauchos see the field as just another place for victory.
  • #15We Celebrate education and experience. Read MoreWhen we say we're a research university, we mean it.  Over 50% of our undergrads are engaged in research projects.
  • #14We Celebrate our happy students.We'reso happy we need a bigger smile emoji.
  • #13We Celebrate taking biking seriously.The 405 has nothing on a bike path between classes.
  • #12We Celebrate our veterans. Read MoreThank you to our Gauchos who have served and protected.
  • #11We Celebrate making our voices heard.When Gauchos believe in something, they speak up.
  • #10We Celebrate providing students the skills for success. Read MoreWe can't answer all of life's questions but we can provide you with some helpful skills.
  • #9We Celebrate learning 24hrs a day. Read MoreYou aren't a Gaucho unless you know what 2am at the librbary feels like
  • #8 We Celebrate friendships for a lifetime. Where you find your #bestie.
  • #7 We Celebrate the little things that make life worthwhile. The world moves fast but we always remember to put
  • #6 We Celebrate taking time to surf. What's weather, give us the surf report.
  • #5We Celebrate making the world better than we found it. Read MoreRemember when we were told to leave a place a little better than we found it?  Well, Gauchos decided that
  • #4We Celebrate our diverse community. Read MoreNo matter where we're from or which languages we speak, we've all embraced the Gaucho Spirit.
  • #3We Celebrate creating a sense of Legacy. Read MoreOur photo album is overflowing with generations of Gaucho pride.
  • #2We Celebrate the best treat of all: UCSB. UCSB: Best. Treat. Ever.
  • #1We Celebrate getting the job done. Read MoreUCSB conferred over 5000 degrees last year.